Looking beyond the local device.
Local Networks

Networks and Networking is truly It’s a Geek com’s expertise. In the early days of our company we staved to innovate new network designs with existing hardware availability. Assisting large corporations, such as Chevron Oil and VeriFone with Remote Access Service to their newest Point of Sale systems. And to this day we are still pushing the envelope…

Cloud Networking

Cloud Computing or what some of us know as Wide Area Networking is all around us. Let the team at It’s a Geek guide you through your networking challenges. From City to City drive mapping to Web based printing, call on Us.

Business Networking

Business to business networks such as the infrastructure used to connect computing assets within and between organizations, so they may share data and information is an important part of any business platform. At It’s a Geek we manage, design and implement network infrastructures and create a stable and reliable platform. From VPN’s, Voice-over-IP, FTP and SharePoint Servers we can help. Give us a Try.